Curiosity started it all; fascination with flight and asking myself the question, “how?” I began studying and decided to go to the airport and watch planes fly. Appreciating every take off and landing, realizing the marvel that I was watching. On this trip I decided to borrow my mom’s camera and take some photographs of planes. Once at my desk, I reviewed the images and one stood apart from the rest. It was the Queen of the Skies, the mighty 747, touching down on the runway with smoke coming from the tires, as they repel the weight from above. At that moment I realized that I was a photographer. 

I have always been a creative, an undercover creative so to speak. I enjoy drawing and playing music but my main focus was helping the community. I was a firefighter and paramedic for many years and I was immersed in that world until I found another passion. As time went on I began photographing other subjects, realizing that as long as a camera is in my hands I am happy. I jumped all in, leaving my previous career to start my own business. 

I never thought I wanted to be a wedding photographer… until I photographed one. I witnessed what my images meant to my couples, and how important they are to them. This realization garnered me the ability to fulfill my goal of holding a career of purpose where I can make a difference in one’s life. The way I look at it is, photography makes me happy and what I do with it makes others happy. Its a win-win situation here. 

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I feel honored, a sense of worth, and full when photographing something authentic. Nothing is more genuine than people and their lives. My approach to photography is that I am first and foremost a historian of sorts, a storyteller. My median is photography and the subject desired is always candid. Finding real moments and emotions of real people by immersing myself in their environment and documenting from within. 

It is nice to meet you, my name is Blake, and I am your photographer. 

 I am first and foremost a historian of sorts, a storyteller.

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